I took at trip to Los Angeles 🌴to be a part of the celebrated Black Girl Art Show. It was a great success. I connected with really incredible inspiring women. I also got the chance to share my work with so many who came by and were deeply moved by the portraits of girls from my Faith Like a Child series.

Peace and Love

I’m hippie vibin’ a bit in this one but there is always a time for peace and a time for love.

A Time to Laugh

I had fun with this one. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to laugh out loud. Maybe a bit too loud sometimes lol. But you know laughter or a merry heart is good medicine.

The first entry into a new series I’m working on exploring the “seasons” we walk through in life. This series is called "To Everything a Season". This specific piece is called “A Time to Mourn”.

I recently had the honour of being featured on Subkit's GoSolo article series. You can check out the article here : https://gosolo.subkit.com/change-the-art/

I gave a prompt to these ladies to have them paint a prophetic image that God put on their heart that represented freedom to them. I was amazed at the things they came up with. God can do amazing things when we surrender our creative mind, body and soul to Him. 😇⁠

Art is both relaxing and fun. It's always fun for kids to experiment and use their imaginations to create something unique.⁠

Therapeutic art with kids is a way to get them to unwind while having fun at the same time. ⁠

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