About the Artist, Krystle Marriott

Krystle Marriott is a visual artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. She works mainly in acrylic
medium and has been painting actively for about 10 years now. She began her works as an artist while taking foundational art studies at the Living Hope Creative Art Studio. Her love for art began as a child where she became interested in drawing images that communicated messages of inspiration. Art has always been a way for Krystle to escape the noise of life and find comfort and healing.

Her motivation for creating art is
to inspire others to have faith in God, themselves and each other. She uses her painting to display children in postures of joy, humility and boldness. Krystle hopes to leave a mark on the hearts of those who view her work that will revive their inner child as well as awaken their inner artist. Through her paint parties, Krystle partners with God to help people get set free of their inhibitions and have fun in the creative process.

Prints and greeting cards are available on this site. Krystle is also available for commissioned work as well as for paint party event bookings.

For inquiries, contact Krystle at krystle@changetheart.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Common Questions

How long are paint parties?

Paint parties are about 2.5 hours long including set up, clean up and step-by-step instructions.

How far in advance should I book?

How far in advance you should book is dependent on your paint party size. Larger parties (50 or more people) take more time to prepare for, so we recommend booking these parties about 1.5 months in advance. Smaller parties (10-49) people, take a bit less time to prepare but still require some notice. We recommend three weeks advance booking for these parties.

Can you do a virtual lesson?

We offer both virtual paint parties and virtual art lessons.

What if I don’t show up or have to cancel?

Change The Art requires a non-refundable booking deposit for all paint parties. Full payment for art lessons/sessions is also required prior to booking in order to secure your spot. For no- shows to a therapeutic art session or art lesson, you will risk losing your payment unless 24 hours notice is given to reschedule your lesson/session.

How many people can attend a paint party?

For in studio paint parties, a maximum of 10 guests are permitted to attend and in some exceptional cases, we can accommodate even more guests depending on the space available.

Virtual parties allow for even greater flexibility in the number of guests that can attend. Please contact us to make arrangements for larger than usual paint parties.

Can I do whatever I want with my final artwork?

All of our paint party templates are copyright protected. Your work can be shared anywhere but cannot be sold as this violates copyright laws. Feel free to message our team if you are unsure or have any other questions around this area.

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